• Private room
  • 【Private room to accommodate up to 14 people】

    Terms of use of private rooms

    Monday - Thursday

    Charter from 6 people OK!

    Friday, Sunday, Sunday, Public Holiday, Holidays

    Charter from 8 people OK!

    ※ Please tell "Private room hope" at the time of reservation.

    ※ Private room reservation will be on first come, first served basis.


  • In-store
  • 【About private place in the store】

    You can charter the entire shop with a reservation of more than 45 people.

    On weekdays even over 30 people OK!

    We will respond flexibly according to consultation.



  • Q "Can I make a reservation without a course?"

    A "Of course I will receive it"

    Q "Can I order a course on the day?"

    A "We are preparing basically so we will have made it the day before."

    ※ We will respond flexibly.

    Q "Can you order only unlimited drinks?"

    A "You can do it ♪ Please order Janka!"

    Q "Is it possible for 25 people to rent out inside the store?"

    A "The day before holidays, weekends are difficult, but depending on the day we may be able to respond, so please phone me for the time being"

    Q "Are your real names okan?"

    A "No, the real name is Ammara, it is a nickname."

    For other questions, please contact us by phone!