Commitment 1 Frightened chef ☆

  • Carving with papaya ♪

    The chef of alloy cinchin is super awesome!

    More than 10 years experience in Thai cuisine, more than 5 years experience of Japanese cuisine!

    Whatever you can make!

    Carving can also be done!

    More than anything, it is kind, fun and messy!

    I also understand Nori in Osaka!

    There is no way it can not be delicious !!

    We are waiting for everyone's visit!

Commitment 2 Use locally procured seasoning!

  • This Tom yum chee seems delicious!

    Speaking of Thai cuisine, Tom yum cun ♪

    The taste of Tom Yam Kung is also slightly different from that of Thailand.

    Our chef's birthplace is Isaan in Northeast Thailand!

    Purchase the traditional seasonings of Isan from local areas even for hot items

    We offer genuine Tom Yum Kung!

    Of course, we use it not only for Tom Yam Kung but for all dishes!

  • You can eat Arroit cinchin's dishes anywhere you like!
  • Order from your favorite place using UBER eats OK!

    Search for "UBER eats" on applestore or Google Play and download applications!

    If it is within 3 kilometers radius from the store, cooking of Aloi cinchin will be delivered ♪

    Both lunch time and dinner time are available!

    You can order from one item regardless of the price

Sawasdee Cup! Everyone except the master is Thai ♪

  • I came from a smile country!
  • Sawasdee Cup (In Thai language) ♪

    All the staff except Thai Master comes from Thailand!

    You can feel the atmosphere in Thailand while you are in Japan!

    Mr. Annan is an Osaka grandmother in appearance

    Actually it is a super chef called former court chef !!!

    Okan of my wife also came to Japan and I love Japan ♪

Only use fresh Pakuti of Eguchi plantation in Saga prefecture ♪

  • Eguchi Farm
  • Eguchi Farm
  • Eguchi Farm
  • Pacchi of fresh Eguchi farm garden nurtured in the rich nature of Takeo Saga prefecture

    We are sending you directly each time !!